The purpose of data mining is to find out the relationship among different levels of data
Looking for apparent connections and invisible connections within and between levels


Using AI intelligence to provide customers with full link solutions, forming a closed loop
Finally, all links are connected in series with AI as a tool to provide the simplest solution


Data has energy. We need to use data energy to radiate to every detail of customer business
Using data energy to solve all problems of customers, radiation has no end point, which needs to be comprehensive and meticulous.

Our value

Number input integrated loop lifting

  • Through scientific data mining to find the target delivery group, through the delivery and post delivery data performance and data analysis to find the direction of improvement, through long-term data, delivery operation, forming a cycle of improvement;

Data analysis

  • Through the analysis and integration of effective feature vectors of brands through several workshops, the nine figure model is used to calculate the output of brand crowd package, which is reached by jingzhuntong, to improve the delivery efficiency and continuously increase brand consumer assets;

AI intelligence

  • Measure brand and commodity data and conduct real-time public opinion monitoring;
  • Discover product advantages and improve marketing ability;
  • Looking for market opportunities and promoting brand innovation;
  • Understand the brand gap, make up for the deficiency in time, and improve the user experience;

Science and technology change

Founded in 2010, Beijing Ruili Zhongyi Software Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to empowering customers through big data analysis and AI technology. It is certified as ISV by jiushufang, JD. The company's founding core team has rich professional skills and product development and implementation experience in big data, GIS, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other fields. At present, we focus on the application of big data analysis and artificial intelligence in the field of e-commerce, with industry-leading technical algorithms and years of cooperation experience in the field of brand e-commerce. The core technical members of the company come from Oxford University and other top universities. At present, the team has more in-depth technical research and experience accumulation in machine learning, especially in-depth learning. Its main business includes big data analysis, AI algorithm and modeling, data visualization application development, etc.


Industry solution to create vertical scene in depth

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small home appliances

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Fast food products

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